Scientific meetings

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New webinar series starting 8 November: IRENA + Clean Energy Ministerial Campaign on Long-term Energy Scenarios (2)
Free LIFE SIDE Online course on the EU Emissions Trading System (Florence School of Regulation, 11/6-13/7) (1)
CNRS Summer School on future prospects in Intergrated Assessment Modelling (Clermont-Ferrand, France, 18-22 June 2018) (1)
Oemof user meeting (8)
Radboud Summerschool 'Advances in Environmental Life Cycle Modelling' [LCA/physical IO] (August 2018, deadline 1 June) (3)
2nd REEEM workshop Brussels 17/4 (2)
Open resource data - general event World Resources Institute (1)
Open publishing / SDEWES Conference (2)