Do-a-thon PowerDynamics.jl



I would like to suggest a do-athon for PowerDynamics.jl [1].
It is a framework for dynamic/ transient stability analysis of grid frequency and voltage.
Since the framework is pretty much set I would like to invite dynamic grid modellers for suggestion of improvement and form break-out-groups for specific topics that seem most relevant or doable in the do-a-thon format. One idea could be to implement different grid component (e.g. a certain inverter or load type) together or brainstorm on good ways how to implement good tutorials. Another option would be to work on interfacing PowerDynamics.jl with optimal power flow OS-frameworks so that it is possible to build a network model (data structures) e.g. in PowerSystems.jl [2] or EnergyModels.jl [3] (from PyPSA’s developers), then add dynamic parameters and run PowerDynamics.jl. I am looking forward to your ideas!


Do-a-thon: Julia models for Energy system optimization (best practices and next steps)

I’d be very supportive of integrating (or designing the integration) PowerSystems.jl and PowerDynamics.jl
Additionally, we have PowerSimulations.jl [4] which leverages an integration with PowerModels.jl [5] to enable production cost modeling (UC/ED) simulations with any published formulation of power flow. Integration of PowerDynamics.jl has been a topic of discussion on our team and would be incredibly useful. Unfortunately, I’m not yet able to commit to attending the Aarhus workshop, but I’ll do my best to attend or send a suitable representative.



Dear Clayton,
thanks a lot for your positive feedback. The Aarhus-Workshop would be a nice opportunity for a kick-off meeting starting the integration process. If you are interested, I would also suggest to start an exchange apart from (maybe also prior to) this workshop so we can best prepare a discussion.


@Sabine_elena @claytonpbarrows This forum is good place for such dialog, if you don’t mind chatting in public, that is.

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@Sabine_elena, that sounds good. I should be able to make a bit of time over the next couple weeks to look into PowerDynamics.jl and the associated data structures. Once I get a chance to take a look, I’ll start to develop an outline to describe the required extensions of PowerSystems.jl to enable the data needed for PowerDynamics.jl.


@claytonpbarrows That sounds great! I will also have a deeper look into PowerSystems.jl as well as into PowerSimulations.jl and develop my own thoughts on the extensions.
@robbie.morrison: Thanks for the reminder! Of course, as far as it is practical I agree to using the forum for our dialogue.


@Sabine_elena and @robbie.morrison in addition to this thread (probably best for specifics around what we should do before/during/after the Aarhaus event), we have a gitter channel setup for discussions relating to some of the technical details surrounding PowerSimulations.jl.