Electric distribution modeling



While the vast majority of discussion on openmod revolves around transmission level modeling, I was wondering if there is a significant interest in distribution (N5-N7) level modeling.

We work with a number of distribution companies in Switzerland (Elektrizitätsversorgungsunternehmen) to analyse various engineering and economic aspects (short-circuit, fuse specificity, maximum consumer level feed-in, utilization and other figures of merit, etc.) of their networks. Typically this involves very large datasets of network infrastructure and meter data which increases the level of difficulty.

I would be interested in talking with others over these problems and was trying to decide if this is the correct organization and if there would be such topics discussed in Aarhus.

Any feedback is appreciated.


I would say the following two do-a-thon proposals that have been proposed for the Aarhus workshop are linked to your interests in distribution systems:

I do definitely have the impression that there is interest in discussing distribution system optimisation! The least, I would be interested :wink:

Particularly, I would like to learn about typical network topologies/datasets in more detail than e.g. the European Low Voltage Test Feeder [1]

If you would like to initiate a breakout group on an aspect not already covered in the proposals above, I recommend changing category to “Workshop” and tagging “do-a-thon”.

[1] http://sites.ieee.org/pes-testfeeders/resources/


For completeness, under Distribution network datasets openmod has listed Enexis data which is interesting, but more about assets than engineering. For example, there is no substation data, or engineering parameters for the assets.


Here are a couple of other leads on representing electricity networks data‑wise. The first looks at various data formats and also parallel efforts to develop and agree open standards:

The second lead is a thread on the openmod mailing list in relation to the representation of electricity grids on OpenStreetMap, including Y‑branching:


@derrickoswald, we are from a Brazilian distribution company (Cemig) and we are very interested in discussing ontologies for electricity distribution systems.


I would very much like to discuss this with you. But, I’m afraid that my focus is more on the nuts-and-bolts of modelling and use than the rarefied atmosphere of ontologies (see here).