Modelling E-Mobility with oemof as part of a virtual power plant

my model of a virtual power plant in a distribution grid is almost finished. The only thing I still can’t figure out is how to include the E-Mobility sector.
I want to include the electric vehicle as a battery storage, which can only be charged when the vehicle is home. If it is not, it should be discharged by a fixed amount for every hour it is away.
A dataframe with values of 1 or 0 should indicate whether the vehicle is home or not. It looks like this:

I also want to set the constraint that the vehicle MUST be fully charged at 7:00:00 every day.
I know that I have to work with the pyomo blocks, but cant really wrap my head around it in detail. I checked all the examples but unfortunately they are not close to what I want to achieve.

Could someone maybe supply me with an example code or something similar? It’s the last thing I need to implement for my Master Thesis - any hints you could give will help me a lot!!

I really hope someone can help soon, big thanks in advance!!


Birgit Schachler from the Reiner Lemoine Institute did exactly what you need. See the following publications for help.