Open Energy Modelling Workshop - Berlin 2020

Dear All,

After some back and forth with the logistics we would like to announce that the next Open Energy Modelling Workshop will take place from January 15 to 17, 2020 at the Hertie School in Berlin and will be hosted by the Hertie School, TU Berlin and Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI).

We wanted the anniversary workshop to be a somewhat larger event as wished for by some members of the forum. The originally proposed dates in November or December only allowed for a maximum participation of 60 persons or a date right before the holiday break so we decided to move it a couple of weeks.

More details on the plans will follow soon in this thread and on the wiki.

@Anselm, @sar_b, & @jens.weibezahn


Great news! I’ve added a link to the placeholder on the wiki. To distinguish it from the North American workshop series, I’ve called it the 10th European Open Modelling Workshop:

@robbie.morrison or anyone else: how do we edit the front page to add the “upcoming event”?

Can you advertise the dates on the mailing list? Thanks!

@tom_brown One work-around is to hand copy editing commands into the URL bar. I’ll email you on this.

Update: here is the required URL:

I recently talked to two members of the public, possibly retired academics, who expressed an interest in attending. Is there a policy on applicants who are not on the mailing list, for instance? This question has not really arisen before because our profile has been so low and specialist.

As far as we know we’ve never checked whether people were on the mailing list or not. Many people have previously attended who were definitely not on the mailing list. I don’t see much reason to change our open policy now, but it’s up to the organisers, who are dictators-for-the-event :wink:.

It won’t be a problem for interested people who are not on the mailing list to to register to the event. It would be new to me hear this was handled differently in the past. You will find all necessary information by mid of next week. The registration will be opened around the 15 October 2019.