Openmod Working Group Organization and Infrastructure



I think there will be some working groups established which will deal with topics covered in some do-a-thons (e.g. Julia Energy Opt…, Common Energy Data Format…). So far it there is no intended template (sub mailing list, sub wiki, repository on gitlab…) for working groups, is there?

I would be happy if it is possible without doubling up infrastructure. But additionally to the forum and wiki, at least a file sharing with versioning and an issue management system is needed.

Do-a-thon: Draft for 'energy' datapackage standard (?)

I like the idea! It’s probably not only good to continue with work of some do-a-thons but also in terms of transparency of currently informal and multilateral processes and structures. I think this could be particularly helpful for new members.


Working groups in creation:


Hi @cswh I’d like to support the idea of the openmod running a versioned file server. We currently have presentations and video scattered all over the internet and bringing them to one location sounds like a good idea. Maybe a privately hosted Nextcloud? Robbie