Openmod workshop June 6-8 2018 in Zürich



Dear all,

The registration for the 8th Open Energy Modelling Workshop in Zürich is now open. The workshop will take place at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, from June 6-8 2018. You will find the registration form here: You can furthermore inspect the list of currently registered participants if you wish to do so.

We slightly changed the way the registration works and are now asking you to provide your discussion forum username only. This way, the information is stored at a central place, you have full control, and you don’t need to provide information redundantly. It will allow us to compile a booklet with all attendees. Should this cause any issues on your side, please let us now.

Details about the workshop can be found on the wiki: More information on the sessions will follow soon. If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to let us know in the meantime; by either directly contacting Stefan or myself, or by posting to this thread.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zürich!

Best regards,

Tim & Stefan

Location for openmod workshop in Spring 2018

Hi Tim and Stefan. I’ll reply here. If appropriate, I could present a 30 minute plenary session on the open licensing of code and data and the downsides of using protected material. I covered some of this in Munich last time in a software carpentry track but found later there was wide interest in the topic. Also do you have an upper bound on participants (previously around 65)? Robbie


Thanks Robbie for this suggestion. We will consider it when elaborating the programme. Regarding your question: yes indeed, the upper bound on participants will be 60.


The number of participants is already nearly at 50…that went fast. If there’s a hard limit at 60, you can let it go up to 66-70 to account for no-shows, based on previous experience.

Do the names people register with actually correspond to forum usernames? I could see a few exceptions already…


Good point, we will keep the registration open a little longer.

And yes you are right: several people registered with their wiki names. Most of those do have an account here as well, the others will need to be asked to create one first. Should we keep this way of registering for the next workshop, we should make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.


Here’s an update on the registration: almost all available places are already taken. If you would like to participate but aren’t registered yet please do so soon. After reaching our threshold we will close the registration, but you can still add yourself to a waiting list through the same link. When registering, please use the username of this forum, not the username from

To those already registered: should you not be able to attend, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can free up space for the waiting list.


Just an idea for a workshop session:

I know we already talked very broadly about standard definitions, terms, etc. on past meetings.

However, Clemens W. and I would be interested to start a discussion about something like an energy system modelling dapackage standard based on the frictionlessdata (tabular) data package specs. Something similar to the fiscal datapackge, just for energy system modelling.


Thanks, noted. As said above, we’ll come back to you soon.


I created a new thread to discuss the “concept of the Break-out-Groups”:


@robbie.morrison, @simnh: We have now posted a general call for participation. We focussed on interaction when setting up the workshop structure and we are positive that your suggestions will fit into the strutcure in one way or the other. Please let us know what you think over there.