Poster from openmod at the Energy modelling forum Europe?


The earlier open modelling supply diagram has been reworked. I cannot upload the original SVG file so email me if you would like the native format or a higher resolution PNG. The license is Creative Commons CC BY 4.0. See the metadata in the file (try exiftool) for more information.


Hi Robbie,
thanks a lot for your effort!
Two small remarks:

  • slide two, database projects: open_eGo is not a database project, please replace with OpenEnergy Database; if you need it shorter you can also just write oedb.
  • The slides are quite full; if you have only one minute of presentation it is recommended to reduce to some eye catchers and transport the most interesting facts to attract the people.


Hi Berit / thanks for your comments

I changed the reference to oedb on the slides and also on Wikipedia. IIRC the oedb was a component of the open_eGo project at one point in its history.

Regarding the amount of material on the slides, thanks for the suggestion. I intend to spend just a few seconds on the second slide. But I felt that I should back up the claim that there has been a huge increase in the number of open projects since 2001 with a list of actual projects. I doubt if many in the audience are aware of this seismic shift towards the open source ethic in the energy modeling community. It certainly did not exist in 2005 and earlier when I advocated for open source energy projects. Indeed, suggestions that energy models should publish their source code were meet with a stack of reasons as to why this was impractical and impossible. How times have changed.


Good morning, thanks for changing to oedb (open_eGo was only a vehicle to transport the oedb for a short time; eGo is occupied with electric grid modelling)
if you think that the information about the “seismic shift towards the open source ethic” is remarkable (to which I agree), I would rather include it in the poster. (just suggestion, do as you want; I just remember other poster mingles; and the fullest slides have never been the best)


Hi Robbie, poster and presentation look good! Some of the energy system models you mention aren’t on the wiki. Are you sure SWITCH is open? Do you have a link for the WWS project (Jacobson?)?

Under grid datasets one could include , a project closely related to SciGRID.


Hi Tom / thanks for the feedback, taking each point in turn

My principal source for the list of projects were the two Wikipedia pages on open models and databases that I informally maintain. Some of that content was originally drawn from the openmod wiki. I intend to transfer the information I have recovered (others are welcome to do so as well) back to the openmod.

But there are two parallel, and quite possibly duplicated efforts at the moment within the openmod community: the form-interfaced openmod wiki page and the OEP model factsheets dataset (how does the write access to the oedb work or does one submit issues instead?). Perhaps some more coordination and consolidation of effort would help here?

Regarding SWITCH, I have it down as an Apache 2.0 license with the license file residing on GitHub (don’t you just love GitHub!).

Regarding the WWS project, some material can be found in my Wikipedia sandbox (permalink). Please note that this page is seriously incomplete! But eleven academic references are listed. Underneath, these citations are marked up in WCF bibliographic format (as I often work in WCF, I am currently part way thru writing a WCF to RIS and BibTeX translator for emacs and may perhaps later repeat the exercise in python).

Regarding GridKit, I have it listed on Wikipedia as a sub-project of SciGRID. Perhaps it should be elevated to a project in its own right? Please advise. On that note, I am currently splitting the grid projects off into a new Wikipedia article, being drafted here (permalink). Again, seriously incomplete!

Clearly, the Wikipedia articles are separate from the openmod initiative and can be edited by anyone, anywhere, with or without registration. But I would like to see a little more coordination in terms of model classification and model cataloging on the openmod side. Model typology is an inordinately difficult subject, which I have attempted on several occasions. A good starting point would be to assemble a list of published model reviews and see how other researcher have dealt with the issue. I could assist with this list.


Fantastic, I wasn’t aware that SWITCH was open. It looks like they may have re-implemented it in Python (pyomo) (I thought it was originally in another language, but I could be mistaken).

GridKit is not being actively developed to my knowledge and it was sort of a sub-project of SciGRID. You’d have to double check with Bart Wiegmans @brrt and Wided Medjroubi @wided.


World Resources institute would like to share with you the beta version of Power Watch platform. Power Watch maps the global electricity sector, using and open database of power plants of all fuel types. Power Watch will go public in early Fall 2017 and the database and related code will all be open source. Here are some relevant facts about Power Watch:

Over 24,000 plants
84% of global installed capacity
600 sources of data (mostly national sources)
169 Countries
Key indicators: Capacity, fuel type, location, ownership
Available for some countries: Generation, emissions

If you are interested in learning more about Power Watch here are some additional visualizations and links that should further explain the platform

One page project description
Power Watch Map
Introductory presentation
Database Documentation
If you are interested in learning more about Power Watch or becoming a partner in the project, please fill out this survey or post in the forum.


Power Watch Team


The poster was presented at the EMP-E in Brussels and is linked on the project website:

Thank you for the contribution! @robbie.morrison


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