Projects and publications regarding model evaluation



Dear modellers,

I am looking for projects related to quantitative or qualitative evaluation of models / frameworks (evaluation results in form of publications, presentation of methodologies etc.). These do not necessarily need deal with open source models. Do you know of such projects and/or publications. I did some research on this which was not very fruitful (expect of categorizing reviews). Now I am wondering if there is not much out there or if I am just bad in finding it.

To give you an example I am thinking of things like the RegMex projects. ( )

Any hints would be great!

All the best,



Hello Simon / Some possible lines of investigation:

The Stanford University-based Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) has been running model comparison exercises since 1976.

The newly formed Energy Modelling Platform — Europe (EMP–E) has yet to get going, but one of its likely activities is model comparison.

The Wikipedia page on energy modeling contains a number of references that might be of interest.

Finally, Lunz et al (2016) could be worth a look, but focuses more on defining scenarios than comparing models (contact me if you want a copy).


Lunz, Benedikt, Philipp Stöcker, Sascha Eckstein, Arjuna Nebel, Sascha Samadi, Berit Erlach, Manfred Fischedick, Peter Elsner, and Dirk Uwe Sauer. (1 June 2016). “Scenario-based comparative assessment of potential future electricity systems: a new methodological approach using Germany in 2050 as an example”. Applied Energy. 171: 555–580. ISSN 0306-2619. doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2016.03.087.