Tutorials before the workshop, 11 October 2017


@c-moeller, @robbie.morrison: What do you think of the new plan?
Thanks by the way for your commitment, I appreciate it very much.
In the seminar room 0003, there is a small white board, a beamer, and a flipchart, nothing too fancy.
In the meeting room 1002, there is a large white board and a big television screen (where we usually mirror our Windows screens), but no beamer.
Room 0003 is larger I think than the meeting room 1002, which is in my opinion more suitable for a hands-on tutorial.
So if you want to switch the rooms, we can do that as well.


@kais_siala @brynpickering @c-moeller I myself would prefer a larger white board. But Bryn and Stefan might prefer a beamer over a large screen for their presentation on visualization. Not sure about the oemof folk. If it does not impact other people, can Advanced topics / stream A be swapped to room 1002? Any comments? Robbie


Assuming beamer=projector then 0003 would be our preference for the visualisation tutorial. However, as it is a seminar room, what’s the situation with tables?

Another option to structure it is to have @robbie.morrison’s session in stream B, which would put him in 1002 (his room preference). It would cut down the time for the oemof session, but 2h15 might be longer than @c-moeller needs anyway? It’s a somewhat selfish request. We ran out of time for the visualisation tutorial in Frankfurt, where we were assigned 2hrs!


@brynpickering et al: I am happy with Bryns’ suggestion of a reshuffle. Either way. And a beamer is the German term for a data projector (as well as English slang for a BMW). Robbie.


I have another suggestion.
@c-moeller: is the hands-on session that you intend to prepare suitable for beginners? You can actually do it in the morning from 10 am to 12 pm instead of the Python tutorial - I still haven’t found someone to take care of that.

And if you think it is rather advanced, how much time do you need?


@kais_siala I think the oemof tutorial is suitable for beginners although some basic programming skills would be good. If this is ok for the beginner’s stream the morning slot would also work for me.


I will focus on Stream 2 OEP and oedb. confirmed
Who can make the QGIS tutorial in Stream 1?


I think I managed to convince a colleague of mine to do it. If you are available at that time, I think she would appreciate your help.