Workshop Proposal: Creating data-sets from OpenStreetMap

Tutorial 1: Creating data-sets from OpenStreetMap

Session description:

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is the largest open source project for georeferenced objects. Lately, its database has been proven to be a valuable asset in energy system modelling.

However, the extraction and filtering of (large) OSM data can be challenging with the current applications available and online tools.
In this beginner hands on tutorial, we demonstrate a very easy way to filter and store OpenStreetMap data, with a newly developed python library. The library has been created within the SciGRID_gas project to filter and extract European gas transport data. However, it can be used for any kind of OpenStreetMap data by simply adapting the customisable filter expressions.

Additionally, we can also cover some of the following points:

  • creation of a network from extracted OSM data
  • more advanced network algorithms
  • legal situation of the OSM ODbL license
  • analysis of current gas transport data in OSM

From our side, we would also like to discuss the automated merging of an OSM data with other data into a coherent network.

Note: All information and data sets required for this tutorial will be supplied, in addition to the tools, that are written in Python. Hence limited Python coding is required by the participants to the sessions, and each participant will need to bring their own laptop, on which a Python version of 3.6 or higher is ready for use.

You can check out our SciGRID_gas website for additional information.