Open data

For discussing open data issues as data publishing (where and how), data acquisition (from where and how) and data processing


Outreach is about increasing awareness for the open (energy) modelling community with openmod as a common banner. This includes discussing the common mid- and long-term goals, presenting the current progress and discussing who are the stakeholders we want to reach and the methods we want to use.


This category is openmod's take on a question and answer platform, similar to Stack Exchange.


Discussion, tips, and announcements on the models used and maintained by openmoders. This includes design of modules, discussions on standardisation, and opening models up for wider use.


Discussing issues related to licensing of data, models, code, documentation, presentations, publications, etc.


A category for announcing academic projects and academic positions. Job advertisements are discouraged here but can be posted to the mailing list.


Discussions covering upcoming openmod workshops. Previous events, such as the April 2017 Frankfurt workshop, may also be labeled with this category for historical reasons.

Scientific meetings

For external scientific meetings, ranging from fully fledged conferences to informal workshops. Openmod events should instead use the Workshop category.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Discussion of how the Openmod Initiative is managed, e.g. decisions about workshop locations, control of the websites, how and when the Openmod name can be used, etc.


Issues around open access to research output.


A category for reviews of books, articles, exhibitions, and similar.

ENTSO-E Transparency Platform

The ENTSO-E Transparency Platform is the electricity market data portal for Europe. The platform is mandated under European Commission regulation 543/2013. The use of open licensing is currently under discussion.