An open ontology for energy systems



This session is a follow up to a breakout group at the previous workshop .

An ontology is a formal specification of concepts and their relations. It can be used to:

  • Disambiguate the communication with experts from different communities
  • Data integration (as done in chemistry and biology)
  • Overview for new researchers/students/…

We will give a short introduction to ontologies and present the current state of an open source ontology that is developed as part of the research project SzenarienDB.

Moving Beyond Factsheets: Framework Comparison/Synergies/Consolidation

We would like to discuss possible use cases of the ontology and elaborate a workflow for a community-wide network of ontologies as part of a Do-a-thon. Possible questions include:

  • Which domains should be modelled?
  • Are there existing ontologies/knowledge bases? How to integrate them?
  • Where are dragons and how to avoid them?
  • What are possible use-cases/benefits for modellers, stakeholders, decision-makers