New services for openmod collaboration (wish-list)

Putting some structure to the discussion in the mailing list on possible new services openmod needs or could use:

Leave a mark on which service you think we could use or should focus on:

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@robbie.morrison brought up a Nextcloud instance in conjunction with the upcoming workshop in Aarhus.
It could be used for example to archive poster submissions and similar material.

This thread is intended to suggest and discuss options, possible priorities or alternatives!
Or raise a hand if you can offer help on one of the entries above.



@johannes.hampp Might be useful to have a discussion then a vote? Otherwise the result might end up like the Brexit referendum? Perhaps a two week delay? Just my suggestion. R.

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When I added the poll I was intending it as an indicator what people might prefer or find important.
Not a ‘Leave or Remain’.

I.e.: Feel free to come back, remove or add a vote or bring up new suggestions; I’ll add them to the poll
(there doesn’t seem to be an option for an fully open poll).


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Nextcloud has a plug in markdown editor. Just create a *.md file and the editor is invoked automatically. That route looks preferable to HackMD.