Energy bridge meeting on 18 January 2020 in Berlin

Energy bridge meeting

This posting is dynamic and will be updated as new information arises (the content history is available via the little pencil icon on the top right).

The past 12 months have seen an unprecedented number of new civil society organizations (CSO) and citizen science projects founded to promote very rapid decarbonization (VRD). These organizations are in need suitable quantitative analysis — colloquially “numbers” — to develop and defend their sought policy positions.

The tools and data for energy policy analysis are now sufficiently developed and suitably licensed to allow much of this analysis to be undertaken collectively and in public.

The energy bridge meeting is designed to explore this new opportunity for common pool analysis — which arises from the intersection between:

  • the open energy system modeling community and similar communities in neighboring domains
  • civil society organizations in need of quantitative analysis for their zero‑carbon energy policy positions
  • the interested public who would like to contribute relevant skills and expertise to this undertaking

This bridge meeting replaces the now‑canceled Berlin 2020 openmod workshop hack‑a‑thon and is being organized as a separate event.

Who should attend

Civil society groups and established NGOs developing positions on energy policy should attend the meeting. This includes development NGOs working on equitable energy access in the Global South.

Members of the interested public are also encouraged to participate, particularly those with numerical skills or domain knowledge.

Staff from official agencies, consulting firms, engineering companies, and start‑ups are also welcome. Although the event is pitched at servicing civil society needs, we can all collaborate on the tools, data, and analytics without discriminating against any particular area of application.

This bridge meeting immediately follows from the three‑day Open Energy Modelling Initiative Berlin 2020 workshop, so the open energy modeling community can be expected to be well represented.

Meeting details

The venue has not be finalized but here are the details as they currently stand:

  • date : Saturday 18 January 2020
  • time : 10:00 to 17:00 followed by an informal restaurant meal
  • location : Berlin, Germany
  • venue : to be finalized
  • cost : unlikely to be a charge to attend, but if so, will be waived for those on limited means
  • catering : depending on the venue, you may need to bring your own brown bag lunch
  • travel assistance : please contact me @robbie.morrison directly for last‑resort support
  • program : see separate posting below


  • please record your name and optionally your affiliation on this CryptPad document
  • and either add your email address or inform me by some other means
  • it is unlikely that participant numbers will need to be restricted, but if so, civil society representatives will be given priority

An open energy system analysis community

One item on the agenda is a proposal to form a mostly online community to undertake common pool analysis (image below not publicly licensed).

This community would draw on themes and practices from open source software development, community data curation, and citizen science. It would mostly operate online and may later hold virtual workshops and meetings.

Further reading

Posting on the previous “openmod/NGO bridge” meeting on 17 June 2019 with 16 participants.

Morrison, Robbie (23 November 2019). Energy bridge meeting in Berlin on 18 January 2020 : civil society advocacy and energy system analysis — Release 04. Berlin, Germany. energy-bridge-2-first-flier.04.pdf (64.5 KB).

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Morrison, Robbie (30 September 2019). An online community for open energy analysis: improving trust, legitimacy, and participation — Release 02 — Poster. Poster for EMP‑E 2019 meeting, Brussels, Belgium. Open access.

A5 flier (release 04 dated 4 December 2019) bridge-2-a5-flier.04.pdf (46.0 KB).

Wikipedia articles on open energy system models and open energy system databases.

Request for contributors

Please contact me @robbie.morrison if you would like to contribute: to possibly give a 10 minute presentation, participate in panel discussions, facilitate a breakout group, or record events. I am particularly interested in hearing from civil society organizations. Also, contact me if you would like to contribute to the organization of the event.


This posting is likewise dynamic and will be updated as the event planning evolves.

The list of active participants and their roles are currently under development — as is the broader event format. But the emphasis will be on minimizing delivered presentations and on maximizing dialog and interaction. Confirmed participants thus far:

Participant Affiliation Comment
Christiana Mauro Nuclear Transparency Watch data access
Berit Müller DGS solar installation design
Berit Erlach analytical needs for VRD
Stefan Pfenninger ETH Zurich energy system models and their limitations
Christopher Mutel Paul Scherrer Institute BONSAI LCA database

Notes: ✻ = to be confirmed  |  VRD = very rapid decarbonization

Under current planning, the morning will comprise short presentations and panel discussions with plenty of opportunity for questions. The afternoon will comprise breakout groups followed by a plenary session and wrap‑up.

Again please contact me @robbie.morrison if you would like to contribute, facilitate, or record. And don’t be shy in coming forward — our house really is on fire.


The following A5 flier (release 04) is being used to publicize the event.

Feel free to download the PDF file and circulate it as you wish.

bridge-2-a5-flier.04.pdf (46.0 KB)

Hi there,

I just realised that my presentation from the last meeting is not yet online.
So here you can find the slides:

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