Nrel-2019 do-a-thon suggestions

Please make suggestions for do-a-thon topics/sessions at the workshop at NREL in September 2019


I intend on attending (as probably the only African representative - South Africa more specifically).

Aside from that being the case, I think there may be interest in exploring the following under modelling framework choices for long-term national/regional level energy planning in developing countries:

  • What process is typically followed to choose a modelling framework(s)?
  • Is more than one a good idea?
  • Who chooses the energy modelling framework(s)? (local institutions, domestic/international consultants, development funding agencies)
  • What are the key dimensions to consider when choosing an energy modelling framework(s)?
  • What are the typical skill sets needed to support maintenance and updating of established energy models? i.e. ensuring longevity.
  • What infrastructure (hardware/software) is needed to run increasingly complex long-term energy models?

I understand that some of these items may have already been answered generally but the application towards developing countries/regions is where I would like the focus to be.